03 February, 2011

The Journey Is What Matters

In 1999, I still had my day job and dreamed of a recording a CD. In 2011 I have just finished recording my 7th CD "Dawson & Lazo" and getting ready to mix the project at a brand new studio in Shreveport, LA. Blade Studios is an amazing state of the art multi-million dollar recording/film/multi-media facility and my friend Chris Bell is chief engineer. The staff and crew at Blade are working 24/7 to get the studio ready before my sessions in early February, 2011. Literally the paint will not have dried as I walk in the doors for the first time and power up the SSL.

This life's journey has been nothing like I imagined and everything I have dreamed. I no longer have a day job and find myself making music, writing new music, teaching music, and learning the new technologies as fast as they come on-line. Self promotion, publishing, producing, etc, is a big part of the life of the freelance musician.

Even as I release new recordings of New Rage on-line that feature my friend Angie Mack on vocals, I have found new inspiration by starting my new group Still Flame and releasing two CD collaborations with singer-songwriter Lisa Lazo. Still Flame is not a huge group like New Rage, but it's very exciting to bring my love of synthesizers and hypnotic rock music to life. Meeting musicians that really like my stuff and want to bring it to the stage and record is amazing to me. Thanks to everyone that has been a part of the journey so far.

Peace & Love to you all - Mike
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