28 March, 2007

Dawson and Lazo attend the Winter Music Conference

Winter Music Conference - Blog One

After a week at the Miami Beach Resort and Spa, going to the rounder clubs till the sun comes up, listening to so much new music given me, meeting so many new friends and industry professionals - I finally am beginning my blogs about attending the Winter Music Conference.

I went to Miami with my songwriter collaborator Lisa Lazo. As a team, we got to attend just about every panel and meet twice as many people because we had a plan. Lisa and I brought new music with us (thanks Bobby for the great packaging) and we both got to have our music spinned at the demo panels.

I have been attending conferences for years, but the Winter Music Conference is a new world for me. The panelists were way more approachable than other conferences, the musicians I met were way more open to collaborative possibilities. And I gained a new insight into the Dance/Electro/Chill/House world -

Today is day two of sending tons of e-mails and making a few telephone calls to reconnect with the people Lisa and I met.

Stay tuned for chapter two - Peace and Love
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