21 February, 2007

Texas World Music Concerts Needs Your Help

To all my friends and fans,

I am in the final planning stages for a Texas World Music Concert event in Dallas.

I need ideas, technical support, and volunteers. Please feel free to contact me directly via my Dawson's New Rage blog. If you don't live in Texas, contact me anyway because I will do this event on a worldwide scale after the Dallas event "beta test" because my vision is worldwide, not just Texas.

I cannot wait to hear from all of you. We are a world community and I know music is the universal language of peace and harmony, so lets get going!

peace on Earth, Mike Dawson

Texas World Music Concerts Summary


Mike Dawson and Texas World Music Concerts


Texas World Music Concerts present innovative, collaborative, and inspirational live musical experiences that showcases music as the universal language that unifies people of the Earth. Through the joy of performance art, musicians from diverse cultural experiences communicate compassion and tolerance.


The primary goal of the latest Texas World Music Concert production is to showcase world-class musicians from diverse cultural/religious experiences and present performances that communicate compassion and tolerance through a collaborative concert experience.

The primay goal of this Texas World Music Concert event is to raise funds for a specific charity that buys musical instruments or pays private lesson tuition fees for needy children worldwide.

Fundraising is projected to be $100,000.00 for the "pilot" Dallas concert.

Mass media of the various markets must become involved on the front-end promotions, week of event publicity, and post concert thanks to the various communities and individuals that contributed either their art or financial support or donations.

When: TBD – target date is summer 2007

Where: TBD
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