28 May, 2006

Dawson attends IMC Dallas !

IMC 's Noel Ramos and Elaine Law brought their Philly based music conference to Dallas and energized the local musicians to new heights!

Every year I spend time at music conferences like SXSW, 2NMC, and FMC. I found the IMC conference to be one of the most diverse I've ever attended.
I found this conference really lived up to the billing as a conference for everybody. I spent time in a songwriters workshop, listened to expert demos, and even got my songs critiqued. I met tons of new friends and met a few local Dallas producers like Tommy Quon and David Castell.

And did I say many of the panelists did much more than talk for one hour? For example, I met local Dallas musician/artists Ducado Vega and Susan Crandall and got to pick their brains as they were promoting their new publication, "Extreme Music Marketing." And finally got to meet Gilli Moon and Toni Koch, who I always see around either performing or promoting their SONGSALIVE FEMALES ON FIRE showcases and their WARRIORGIRL projects. Those girls are really busy but took time out of their own schedule to come to Dallas.

My biggest benefit was having a great networking opportunity with Texas musicians and other musicians that traveled to Texas simply to attend IMC. And a special thanks to Bill Pere and Kay Pere, who gave a great series of lectures regarding many aspects of vocal performance and lyric writing.

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